The delicacy of imagery.

She opens her eyes and the retina is overflowing with the bright studio-lights. Harsh contrasts are mixing

with voices, emotions and expectations of a set. As uncertainty tries to wipe off the shades of her makeup,

she again loses her composure. So they once more step in.

Karine and Oliver are doing what they do best. Easying the situation, raising the spirits. Regaining the

girl's trust. Persistent in pressing her buttons, yet pulling the levers carefully; the human as a whole is a

delicate thing. And so is a photograph of it...

In 2012 Karine Welter and Oliver Rust decided to combine their mutual enthusiasm for imagery, after

working individually for about a decade. Karine, motivating, determined and forward-striving, sometimes

even a touch crazy – and Oliver, thoughtful, flexible and responsive, brimming with creative solutions.

Two polar entities, now complementing one another in achieving the same goal.

Photography is ambitious. As is making a film. Especially, when you need to deliver. As simple as it yet

may seem to press a release button – capturing images leaves you with a world of possibilities. For all

the technical guidelines, there are no rules how to bring forth emotions; this being a matter of chemistry

between participating individuals. Which is significant for revealing the essence.

Karine and Oliver excel in shooting strong character portraits and black&white photography. As well as

moving images – their portfolio comprises a broad spectrum, from art films to commercials. Their

commitment in the process is uncompromising; meticulous preparation and comprehensive research

allow efficient shootings at highest standards. The results of these dynamics are transfigured in their

work: Authentic or supramundane. Empathic or bold. Convincing, either way.

...As Karine and Oliver play their way to the girl's confidence, years of experience are paving the way.

Memories of some crazy shoots in London, fancy Paris and the hard but fertile nutshell of Switzerland;

every encounter of the past leads to another and they all culminate into a present work of art.

Representing Agencies:

VISUALEYES International - Zurich / THINGS/PEOPLE - Dubai


Vogue Men Arabia, Harpers Bazaar Arabia, GQ Middle East, L'OFFICIEL Switzerland, Essential Homme, VISION, Fashionisto, Lampoon, 160g, REVS, Hint, Gala, Encore, FACES...